Pa Dutch Sun Bonnets


These sun bonnets are a gardener's deight!

The sun bonnets are 100% cotton with charming deliciate prints -- random -- just as they come. Made for us in Lancaster County, PA. We also have Amish sunbonnets in plain white and plain black in medium, large and x-large.

Sizes baby (infant), small (6 months to 1 year), medium (1 yr - 6 yrs), large (almost everyone else) and x-large (adult).

Please put the size needed in the comment field on the order form. If you are ordering Amish sun bonnets, please put that in the comment field also. Thanks!

Sun Bonnets
Sun Bonnet
The Pa Dutch women and girls wear these sun bonnets to protect themselves from the hot sun. These sun bonnets are a gardeners delight.
100% cotton with charming delicate prints - random prints, just as they come. Made for us in Lancaster County Penna.

Sizes Baby (approx. infant to 2 years old), Small (approx. 2-5 years old), Medium (approx. 6-10 years old), Large (approx. 9 years old to adult) and Extra Large (adult).

As these are individually made, the size may vary slightly, as some women have different sewing techniques. Please specify size in comments field on order page.

Danke Schoen!

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