Florence Shunk Sweet Things and Such...
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"Please give me the recipe!" Florence Shunk has heard thousands of times! "Recipe requests are a cook's praise and applause," she said.

A typical Pa Dutch cook, Florence learned cooking with a pinch of this and a dash of that, and turned that knowledge into a professional cooking career for more than 40 years. As her fame spread for tasty, nutritious good-eating dishes, she was asked to appear on many local TV shows. Florence had her own live "What's Cooking" TV show on BCTV Berks Co, Pa for numerous years.

Many local restuarants use her commercial recipes, as they get repeat customers requesting her dishes. Your must try her crab cake, country-style chicken and dumplings-- to name a few. And then top off a meal with one of her 120 scrumptious desserts!

"Kum Essa"...Come and Eat!